5G NR Technology To Become A Reality in 2019?


Will 5G NR technology become a reality any time soon? Is the era of 4G LTE technology numbered? And should we expect to have a successor to the our beloved 4G LTE technology soonest? Well, there have been but a handful of commentaries currently on-going as it concerns 5G NR technology, especially those from Dr. John E. Smee, Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies.

You’d obviously know about 3G and 4G LTE technologies. I guess you do may have perceived or heard about 5G NR? I guess not! According to a white paper presented by Nokia and Qualcomm

Well, for those of you who are not familiar with 5G NR, it refers to 5G New Radio. This is believed to be the answer the ever growing mobile broadband demand. 5G NR is the future innovation platform for the next decade and beyond. It is being designed to enhance existing services, but more importantly, it will open new capabilities and efficiencies not possible with today’s networks.

According to Dr. Smee, 5G NR will be “a unifying connectivity fabric that will connect virtually everything and a platform for future innovation that will support existing and future services that are not even known today”.

For those who think that 5G NR technology is still futuristic, think again. It well seem that commercial network launch is starting in 2019, according to a white paper. Nokia will be deploying 5G NR early and has adopted 5G NR as part of its 5G FIRST offering with commercial deployments expected in 2019.

As it is, the world is gradually entering the era of 5G. Since focus is being shifted to mobile broadband connectivity, 5G NR is envisioned to deliver new and enhanced mobile broadband experiences, as well as to efficiently connect virtually everything — fr