A suitcase that follows you around.

For those of us who haven’t noticed, devices are getting smarter by the day and this now include even luggage. NUA Robotics (an Israeli-based company) has focused more on this and are now designing the first robotic suitcase that could follow you everywhere you go. This is possible because it will use a camera and a Bluetooth connection to identify its owner and follow along on flat surfaces at least.

nua-robotics_3544305bCommercially, this suitcase is not available yet, and the one Mashable saw which is only a prototype is still in its testing phase although, a version of it might become available in about a year said NUA Robotics co-founder and CEO Alex Libman. “Any object can be smart and robotic, we want to bring robots into our everyday life” this he told the news site.

The suitcase features a “proximity detection” feature, which allows it to move at the user’s pace, it does this while avoiding obstacles along its way. For now, it’s speed is limited to 5km/h but will be designed to move much faster in the future, according to Alex Libman, co-founder and CEO of NUA Robotics.

Its built-in rechargeable battery can be charged by plugging into an outlet and lasts between 60-90 minutes per charge, battery would be made removable at a later stage. Any device with a USB input can be charged from the suitcase.

For security, it features an anti-theft alarm and can also send real-time data, including its weight and location, to your smartphone.

Because its made with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) materials, this suitcase would posses impact resistant properties, Mr Libman also stated that the later model will be made with waterproof materials.

While its retail price is yet to be determined, the designers aim to have a finalised version of the suitcase available for sale by this Christmas. Mr Libman hopes its automated design could be incorporated into other consumer products.

Though the NUA suitcase isn’t the first robotic suitcase to be proposed on the market, The Hop, a self-driving suitcase that also connects to a Bluetooth signal from its owner’s phone were revealed in 2012 by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, another was the Space Case 1 which was unveiled last year, also offers a range of features such as fingerprint-based lock system, wireless speaker and a text notification system which indicates its arrival on the baggage carousel. City Cab, a three-wheeled motorized suitcase which travels up to a speed of about 20 km per hour with a maximum distance of about 37 miles.

Aside powering this luggage that can follow its owner, this same technology would be used in trolleys, this will enable the disabled and elderly shop easily without having to tip someone to get job done.

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