A Tiny Robot Could Speed Up Slow Sperm.

One of the reasons for delayed conception is slow-moving sperm, a problem some men have. Science has proven that a man can have a normal or high sperm count but low sperm motility (ability to swim), which could hinder the wife from getting pregnant. A healthy sperm moves progressively forward and not sluggishly or travelling in circles.

Sperm motility can be improved in many ways which falls back majorly on the man changing his lifestyle and diet. Another way which is our main focus here is through the help of a tiny robot which gives slow sperm a boost in speed.

This robot is a tiny corkscrew-like metal helix, it wraps around the tail end of the sperm, motoring it to the egg with the aid of a magnetic field for navigation. When the sperms arrives at the egg, the robot, otherwise called the Spermbot leaves. This method of fertilization has been carried out in the laboratory successfully in Germany, at the institute of Intergrative Nanosciences.

When tested in the lab, the motors moved healthy sperm from point to point with minimal damage to the sperm themselves. For now researchers are not sure how the woman’s immune system would respond to micromotors introduced to her body.

Although the transportation of the sperm to the egg can be achieved, they are yet to fertilize an egg with it as it could take sometime before this procedure becomes totally ready fully for human trial.

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  1. James

    While advanced robots such as “Erica” are made so as to fit in with humans, robots are injected inside humans to help carry out activities.

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