About Us

At Technicollit we believe in substance over style, meaning, you can count on getting the insight you need always.[edsanimate animation=”pulse” infinite_animation=”no” animate_on=”hover” ]target[/edsanimate]target1Our focus is to deliver rich and meaningful information with an obsession to empower you on the use of technology while keeping you abreast in our IT world. We believe in substance over style, meaning, you can count on getting the insight you need always. Imagine the possibility where with little or no technical knowledge you can operate, troubleshoot or fix your IT related devices, as you get the latest information and trends in the IT industry, wouldn’t that be great? At TechnicollIT We ensure that possibility is met.


Each day new technologies and ideas emerge that affect almost all aspects of our lives and it feels discouraging, intimidating or even frightening to try to keep up and stay in the know. Our MISSION is to empower you on how to use technology, provide you with ICT related updates, excellent solving and analytical skills to equip and prepare you with the knowledge necessary to be at par with the world of Information and Communication Technology. Also as a major distributor of tech devices, We provide you with the latest and efficient gadgets in-order to make work easier and effective.

1436232223_cupOur VISION is to be the dependable world-class technology institution of choice in service delivery, performance and information, as we move towards our goal, we will support research related to technology on a global scale.