Aira helps the blind navigate the world, using smart glasses.

There are existing assistance systems on ground already for the blind and visually impaired, like the guide dog and cane. Aira’s uniqueness is that it enhances those system not replace them, because  it only comes to play when needed not always.

Aira uses a pair of smart glasses or a phone camera, which enables an Aira agent to see what the blind individual sees in real-time. This enables the agent talk the individual through in any situation he is in, because the agent sees a live video of him thanks to Google Maps and other biographical information.

Aira was created in order to make life a bit easier for the visually impaired, and has promised to make everything more accessible to them, from calling an Uber, grocery shopping and even traveling. Seemingly the video feeds is clear enough to catch even small details.

The good news now is Aira is available in full, in three packages; $300 for 750 mins, $1000 for 3000mins and $2500 for 10000mins which are respectively three, six and twelve months.

AIRA offers an innovative, high technology service designed to help blind and low-vision users gain mobility and independence. It provides personalized assistance from orientation and mobility experts who can be trained Aira Agents, family members, or friends. Our experts, backed by state-of-the art technology, serve as visual interpreters and navigators for our users, helping them accomplish a wide range of daily tasks and activities.

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