Man Vs AI; Google’s AI beats World’s Best Player Again.

Google’s AlphaGo created an impression yesterday as it defeated Go legend Lee Se-dol, as if that wasnt enough AlphaGo has take the victory again for the second time making it 2 against 0. Although there are 3 more games to go, this marks the first time in history that a computer program has defeated a top-ranked human Go player on a full 19×19 board with no handicap twice in a row.

Yesterday i was surprised but today it’s more than that, i am speechless. I admit that it was a clear loss on my part. From the beginning of the game i did not feel like there was a point that i was leading.

Lee Sedol

The commentators also said that they were very pleased that AlphaGo played some surprising and beautiful moves which were amazing to see. We still have three games to go, let’s keep our fingers crossed for whichever side we support.

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  1. Raphael Thomas

    Not surprised again!

    AlphaGo algorithm uses a combination of machine learning and tree search technique combined with extensive training from human and computer play.

    It uses a neural network which was bootstrapped from human game-play expertise. In otherwords, that system was designed to mimic previous experts who have played the game probably before Lee Sedol was born. Tell me, how will Lee Sedol beat it when the system even know about his own moves? That system was built with about 500million moves in its database so, what’s Lee Sedol even doing wasting his time?

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