Amazon patent shows you might start paying using selfie


With the rate at which technology evolves, soon passwords will be obsolete, lots of companies are moving to several innovative bio-metric options, NEC for instance introduced sound verification system, MasterCard also introduced a new authentication system that let’s users authorize transactions by means of a facial scan conducted by their smartphone (SelfiePay).

Recent patent filing shows Amazon wants you to pay either by winking or using your facial features. The patent for “image analysis for user authentication” will allow transactions to be completed with some additional security features such as extensive facial mapping which will be used to identify the customer.

amazon patent

The patent for “image analysis for user authentication” maps your face

After a product is selected the user will be prompted to do something in front of the camera so as to show he or she isn’t using a picture or any form of recording. From the image it is seen that the user was asked to wink, after this is completed the transaction is confirmed.

amazon patent2

The user was asked to wink, other gestures might be used

Other gestures such smiling, blinking or even tilting your head might be demanded so as to ensure there is no foul play.

The process identifies the user and verifies that the user requesting the transaction is a living human being

According to the filing; “The small touch-screen or keyboard elements can be difficult to accurately select using a relatively large human finger, and can require the user to turn away from friends or co-workers when entering a password, which can be awkward or embarrassing in many situations.”

Although this patented technology might not end up in an Amazon product, it would help reduce user reliance on passwords, which has its own insecurities and can also be forgotten easily. Sometimes it feels embarrassing trying to hide your phone when with other people before using your password, most users also allow several apps store up their passwords putting their information at risk especially when the device falls into the wrong hands. This new facial authentication system will enable secure transactions and also a more intuitive experience.

Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest internet based retailer in the US, which started as an online bookstore and diversified to sales of DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, software, video games, toys and so much more. They produce consumer electronics like Fire tablets, Fire TV, Fire phones, Amazon kindle e-book reader and it is the world’s largest provider of cloud infrastructure service (laaS).

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