This fire alarm can also detect gunshots


Popper and his co-founder Peter Street have created an alarm that can identify audio signatures of gunshots, this fire alarm called the AmberBox is installed throughout a building or college campus and form a mesh network. When it starts to pick up the gunshot noise the alarm sends an instant notification to the building manager and the police about the location of the shooting based on which alarms are picking up gun shots. Additionally the alarm can trigger lock downs on the emergency system to keep a shooter from entering other parts of buildings or escaping.

Popper started AmberBox after spending the last year in the US and feeling like the number of shootings in places like night clubs and office parks was at the increase.

This is an increasing risk for businesses, and there’s no solution available – Popper.

To provide a solution to this, he started AmberBox. Right now, each detector costs $50 a month and has seen interest from universities to financial institutions, Popper said.

Currently the alarm is live a government building in California, and is currently being installed throughout Santa Clara University.

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