Bionic eye could restore sight to the blind

bionic eye

Researchers are currently working on an advanced system “Bionic eye” which will be used to partially restore some level of sight to the blind.

According to the researchers from Australia’s Monash University, it requires; 11 small tiles to be implanted into various parts of the brain that receives and processes signals from a camera, the 11 tiles mentioned will contain about 43 electrodes which stimulates the brain in order to create dots of lights, the Bionic device will create just under 500 pixels of vision, this is low compared to about 1.5 million pixels created by healthy human eyes.

An additional requirement to people using this technology would be a pair of glasses, this would track their eye movements. A digital camera on-board would send signals to the tiles within the brain in order to create a rough image.

Currently volunteers are sought for by researchers in order for the experiment to be conducted.

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