Watch Capcom cup 2015 live tournament


For all Street Fighter fans, The Capcom Cup takes place today December 6th 2015 from 10am until 10pm in San Francisco at PlayStation Experience (PSX).

For months, players have been battling in events all over the world for CPT points and qualification spots in order to make it into the Capcom Cup. Out of thousands of players, 32 have qualified and will have the chance to compete for the title of Street Fighter World Champion and a massive $250,000 prize pool.

  • First Place: $120, 000
  • Second Place: $60,000
  • Third Place: $25,000
  • Fourth Place: $15,000
  • Fifth and Sixth Place: $10,000 Each
  • Seventh and eighth Place: $5,000 Each.

You won’t want to miss this tournament! Tune in to to catch all the action. Hadouken!!!

Capcom, is a Japanese developer and publisher of video games known for creating multi-million-selling franchises. Originally established in 1979, it has since become an international enterprise with branches and subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and East Asia. Street Fighter V is a fighting video game published by the company. It is the fifth main numbered entry in the Street Fighter series. The game was released in February 2016 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4, with a later release on Linux, and will feature cross-platform play between the Windows and PlayStation 4 versions.

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