This is Edelweiss, the most technically brilliant self-playing piano in the world

Quick question, have you ever wished your piano in the living room could just start playing by itself, simply because you’re busy with something else or you don’t feel like playing but want to listen to some soothing music? If you have, this is for you. .

Edelweiss just announced a new piano which has a built-in iPod and plays backing tracks on top of music all by its own. This self-playing piano is the first of its kind and it duets with an iPod, users can swipe the app and watch the keys “self-play” without the presence of a pianist.

Edelweiss is the world’s most technically brilliant and most advanced acoustic piano, it is an innovative new take on the traditional piano. It looks like an elegant grand piano which combines classical design and traditional good looks with state-of-the-act self playing technology.

The thought of purchasing a self-playing piano may seem awkward but come to think of it, there is an already built-in iPod on acquiring it. This iPod is built into a hidden drawer and is programmed with 400 songs with thousands more available for download. It plays the songs out of a hidden speaker as the piano adds it’s own bits on top by tapping it’s own keys.

The piano does not seem to work with just any song, you can’t just stream Future’s recent album from Spotify, although that’d be complimentary but it’s still quite alright. When you hit play, the piano tap away at its own keys, adding soothing piano track on top of whatever song is playing.

According to Ross Norman, Director at Edelweiss “Whether you play the piano, or not, we hope to bring the joy of live music back to living rooms everywhere. Edelweiss literally brings the concert to you—whether relaxing at home with friends, or enjoying afternoon tea in the lobby of an elegant hotel. And for those who don’t play… once they hear the soulfulness of live piano played with such outstanding technical ability – they might just be inspired to learn. That’s our hope, anyway.”

It’s actually kind of unusual to see a piano playing its own keys by itself but hey, it could be quite interesting as you could learn to do some of those tappings on your own when you play yourself. It comes in black and white and you could get it within the range of £9000-£24000.

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