Meet Erica, the most beautiful and advanced robot in the world

Erica advanced robot

The future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has no limits, why would it? even though the likes of Elon Musk and Steve Hawking have complained of it likely to be a threat, donations has been made to keep it as friendly as possible to you and i.

So far the ‘most beautiful and intelligent’ android (Human looking robot) is leading Japan’s robot revolution, trust me this robot looks so real, you will mistake it for human, they even got personality, one of which is Erica, who turns out to be 23, “She” enjoys the theater and animated films, would like to visit south-east Asia, and is certain her perfect partner is a man with whom she can chat with easily.

Just like every-other some-other ladies, when asked her age she hesitates, and answers “That’s a slightly rude question … I’d rather not say,”. Even if the questioner moves from left to right, Erica turns her head and eyes towards the same direction, following his every move.

Erica was created as a result of the collaborative effort between Osaka and Kyoto universities, and the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), and is termed the most advanced humanoid to come from this effort. Though she is unable to walk on her own, she possesses improved speech and an ability to understand and respond to questions, even her facial expressions changes as a result of her utterances.

Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratory is the heart of this project, according to him, Erica, is the most beautiful and advanced robot in the world, even more advanced than his former creation “Geminoid F”.

Erica, is the “most beautiful and intelligent” android in the world. The principle of beauty is captured in the average face, so I used images of 30 beautiful women, mixed up their features and used the average for each to design the nose, eyes, and so on. That means she should appeal to everyone.

Hiroshi Ishiguro
Professor at Osaka University’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratory

Here’s a video of Erica, speaking, sorry its Japanese, but you get what i mean right? its human like!!!

As you can see, this robot looks human (to a great extent), and sounds human too, well at least not like those Si-Fi movies we watch that involves a robot. For now, conversation with Erica must be focused around a certain number of subjects, though experts believe we should expect free-flowing verbal exchange few years from now.

With a humanoid such as this, questions regarding its ethical usage has been raised, that’s why SoftBank, the Japanese firm behind the robot Pepper (who according to them says it understands 70% to 80% of spontaneous conversations), included in its user agreement that owners must not perform sexual acts or engage in other indecent behavior” with the robot.


Photograph: Toru Yamanaka/AFP/Getty Images

Speaking of the accepted standards, Ishiguro suggests that robots have to be accepted by humans as part of the society

I don’t think there’s an ethical problem. First we have to accept that robots are a part of our society and then develop a market for them. If we don’t manage to do that, then there will be no point in having a conversation about ethics.

Hiroshi Ishiguro
Professor at Osaka University’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratory

Research institutes such as Nomura has predicted from its report that in 2035 nearly half of all jobs in Japan could be performed by robots, at this point i wonder, if by 2035 half of the jobs are taken by robots, where does that puts human? they probably would lack jobs.

Ishiguro thinks differently concerning this, relating in his statement “I think Nomura is on to something,” he said. “The Japanese population is expected to fall dramatically over the coming decades, yet people will still expect to enjoy the same standard of living.” he believes robots will play an important role when this happens.

The possibility of this is already seen, hotels such as the Huis Ten Bosch theme park near Nagasaki makes use of robots to render services to its customers.

Though the dinosaur looked a bit scary and speaks English, the Acteroid, which posed as the receptionist spoke Japanese, but one would quickly notice it looked like a big doll.

Can humans rely more on this? Osaka department store has suggested that people may soon come to trust them (Robots) more than they do human beings.

Robots are a mirror for better understanding ourselves. We see humanlike qualities in robots and start to think about the true nature of the human heart, about desire, consciousness and intention.

Hiroshi Ishiguro
Professor at Osaka University’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratory

“They will have to be able to guess a human’s intentions and desires, then refer to an internal system in order to partly or wholly match those intentions and desires in their response,” he says. and went on further to say, “that one day, humans and robots will be able to love each other.”

But of course what can we expect from the creator of a robot as advanced as Erica? what do you think? let us know in comments

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  1. James

    This is crazy, humans falling in love with robots? this would be probably the next relationship system that would be legalized, i feel sorry for the adopted children, having a robot mum

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