Google Home Mini Has Arrived


Two weeks ago, Google announced the arrival of two new products added to the Google Home family – The Google Home Mini and The Google Home Max. Today, the company has announced that the wait is over for Google Home Mini.

Google Home Mini, which is about the size of a donut, “has all the smarts of the Google Assistant and gives you hands-free help in any room of your house, according to Selena Salazar,Google Home Mini Product Manager.

How does the Google Home Mini work? quite simple, according to Salazar. just start with “Hey Google” to get answers from your Google Assistant, tackle your day, enjoy music or TV shows, and control your compatible smart home devices. And with Voice Match, the Assistant can tell your voice from others—up to six people can get personal assistance on each device.

Here are six fun stuffs you can achieve with your Google Home Mini:


  • Find my phone: When you lose your phone in the couch cushions, your Assistant can find it for you. “Hey Google, find my phone” will ring your Android phone (even if it’s on silent) or your iPhone.
  • Set a sleep timer: Fall asleep to the sweet sounds of your favorite music or podcast by saying, “Hey Google, set a sleep timer for 30 minutes.”
  • Play news by voice on your TV: Stay on top of current events with YouTube news playlists from sources like ABC, Fox and NBC. With a Chromecast-connected TV, you can ask say “Hey Google, play the news on my TV” or “Ok Google, play sports news on my TV.”
  • Turn the TV on and off: With Google Home, Chromecast, and a compatible TV you can just say “Hey Google, turn off the TV.”
  • Enable night mode: In night mode, Mini’s lights dim and the volume lowers so that you you don’t disturb others in your household when it’s late (or early).
  • Set a default TV or speaker: Choose a Chromecast-connected TV to be your default screen, so you don’t need to mention the device’s name in your voice command. When you say “Play yoga videos,” they’ll play on the TV you’ve set as the default. It works the same way for speakers connected to Chromecast Audio—you can designate a group of speakers that cover several rooms (“first floor,” for example) as the default. Then say “Hey Google, play workout playlist” and it will automatically start playing on that group of speakers


Just in case you are considering acquiring the Google Home Mini, starting today, you can grab it online from the Google Store, Best BuyWalmart and other stores.

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