Google’s Project Bloks is a toy system that will teach kids how to code

project blocks

Google is currently working on “Project Bloks”, a toy system that will enable kids to code. As we all know, learning to code involves sitting for hours in front of a computer memorizing commands and checking for syntax errors as well as trying not to make one. This new initiative by Google, will make coding fun and colorful will also enable kids to get familiar with the basics of coding.

Earlier on an effort similar to this was made, remembered “Osmo Coding”? it was a series of toys launched that basically made use of building blocks to piece together code that would enable their character on the tablet to move and perform action, Google’s new “Project Bloks” is a system of toy blocks with arrows on them that kids can connect together to control other toys and learn the fundamentals of coding in the process. Google intends to use this to teach kids the basics of coding, from there kids can transfer this idea or knowledge to real-world applications.

Project Bloks

Project Bloks toys

Unlike Osmo Coding, Google’s initiative doesn’t rely on blocks being the end product, the internet giant instead created a framework that hopes to inspire developers, designers and researchers to come up with better and interesting ways of using these blocks to encourage children into coding.

Google has also shown a number of examples of what Bloks can be used to achieved, controlling the movement of a robot, program a speaker to play music and also a lab that lets you program connected sensors to activate other objects.

Google hasn’t said anything regarding when Blok toys will hit the stores, however Google says that the project is still in development. Development of Project Bloks began in 2013, it will be unveiled now so that Google can start finding partners who have interest to work on the toys. The company hopes that the use of physical blocks will enable kids to get familiar with codes and its basics.

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