Here’s what you probably didn’t know about IMEI numbers


I am sure you have an idea of IMEI numbers, you’ve seen a lot of them also, but most of what you know about these unique numbers ends in “its just a couple of digits” well that isn’t bad, besides the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, right? here’s more about IMEI numbers you probably didn’t know.


Means International Mobile Equipment Identity, it is a unique serial number attached to a mobile phone, notice the 15 digit number printed on the battery compartment of your device or on the product packaging, that’s the IMEI number, they can also be displayed on screen, dial *#06#. It is used to identify the devices you buy (have you noticed? Most times when you make a call to “customer care lines” even without giving them details of your smartphone they already know the type of phone you are using) the IMEI number makes this possible, its your smartphones identity.

How IMEI number works

When your phone is switched on it sends its IMEI number to your service provider (this allows your service providers to identify the type of phone you are using.) When your service providers receive the IMEI number they check the EIR (Equipment Identity Register), the EIR is a database that contains a list of the IMEI numbers on the network as well as all that are banned e.g because it was stolen. Networks check the IMEI number sent to them in the EIR so as to compare it with all phones that have been sold, after comparison, if a match is found and it is not in the blacklist, full services are provided, if one is found and it matches that in the blacklist, it is then disabled from connecting to the network (A blacklisted phone is one that has been reported stolen or identified to be illegal in a country), if a match is found on the grey list, it is suspected and kept under observation, if no match is found connection is dropped.

White listed IMEI:List of valid mobile phones.

Black listed IMEI: List of mobile phones which services are barred.

Grey listed IMEI: List of suspected mobile devices that are kept under observation.

The essence of the IMEI number

The major purpose of the IMEI number is to identify a device, having that in mind, theft can be prevented, if a mobile phone is stolen, the owner can instruct his or her network provider to blacklist the phone using its IMEI number, this renders the phone useless on that network and sometimes other networks too. A sim card can be removed, but the IMEI number is hardwired into a smartphone and can only be changed using special tools.

Is your IMEI number valid?

Most counterfeit phones have fake IMEI numbers, others don’t even have one at all (these devices aren’t made with regulatory compliance in mind). To check if your device is authentic click HERE, type in your IMEI number in the space provided and click Check. Details concerning your device will be revealed to you, an option is also provided to check for blacklisted IMEI’s. A fake IMEI number means just one thing, your device is counterfeit.

Should you change your device IMEI number?

Well that depends on you, though in most countries changing the IMEI number of a phone or possessing equipment that can change it, is considered an offense under some circumstance. Also it voids your warranty and could render your mobile phone useless.

To change the IMEI Number

Note this is just for educational purposes only, as a proof that IMEI numbers can be changed using a special tool, do this at your own risk, remember modifying the IMEI number of your device voids the warranty and may lead to other problems with your device. this works on MediaTek (MTK) based phones.

Download MTK Engineering software to your Android smartphone, launch the software;

Select Mtk Setting >> Connectivity >> CDS information >> Radio Information >> Select the sim you want to change if your phone uses dual sim, it is recommended you choose Sim 2 (Phone 2)
in-front of AT+ type EGMR from the list shown choose the EGMR=1,10″”
put a space between EGMR and the equal sign just one space (EGMR =)
in between the “” put your new IMEI number (EGMR = 1,10″35xxxxxxxxxxxxx”) >> click set command
then reboot. after reboot dial *#06#, if all steps are followed correctly the IMEI number will be changed.

In summary

  • IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity
  • To view this dial *#06#
  • IMEI number is used to identify a device
  • To check the legitimacy of your phone IMEI click HERE
  • Invalid IMEI numbers means your device is fake
  • Should you change your device IMEI number? That depends on you, in some countries it is an offense

Hope this helped , feel free to leave comments….

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