IOFIT Smart Shoe Will be Your Personal Trainer

Living healthy is a very paramount action to take, besides what compares to life? several devices such as wearables, fitness bands, activity trackers and so many others have been developed to enable us achieve this. Recently a new wearable has been added to this list, one that promises to play an important role towards keeping you fit.

The IOFIT smart shoe is developed by a startup called Salted Venture from Samsung’s Creative Lab. The shoe uses a combination of pressure sensors that can detect your balance and posture, it then uses that information to offer tips to further enhance the fitness routine via its smart coaching app.

The Iofit app coaches you essentially on how to stand better during a fitness program, users are able to visualize and make necessary amendments as to how their posture and stance are affecting their fitness routine during workout or even during golf swings, it does this by displaying real-time data on the screen for the users to view and also make suggestions.

Generally, the information it provides has to do with whether your center of balance is too far to any one side, which might hurt your swing or your body if you're working out.

The information the app provides helps you to be balanced during workouts.

There are 2 versions of the shoe; One is meant primarily for strength workouts while the other is meant for golfing. Both rely on pressure sensors and accelerometers to make their measurements.

Salted Venture intends to demonstrate IOFIT at the Mobile World Congress 2016 next week in Barcelona. It seems the company intends to crowdfund Iofit sometime after unveiling it. Pricing goes for $199 for the fitness shoes and $259 for the golf shoes, while during crowdfunding the fitness shoe goes for $149 while the golf shoes $199.

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