Apple investors urge Apple to help curb smartphone addiction among children


Makers of modern technologies like iPhones and social media exploit the vulnerability in human psychology to get their users addicted to their technology. It’s in response to this that two major Apple investors have urged the iPhone maker to help curb smartphone addiction among children. listing the alarming and adverse effects these technologies have on children.

New York-based Jana Partners along with the California State Teachers’ Retirement System said in open letter to Apple that

The company must and should offer more choices and tools which will enable kids to fight addiction to its devices.

The two investors are said to collectively control $2 billion worth of Apple shares, which makes them a voice to be listened to and a force to be reckoned with.

“In a statement, Apple said the iPhone and other devices running on its mobile software already offer a variety of controls that enable parents to restrict or block “effectively anything a child could download or access online.” The investors’ letter cited various studies on the negative effects of smartphones and social media on children’s mental and physical health”.

Although technology companies have not openly acknowledged that their gadgets may be addictive and destructive, it is incredibly hard to rule out the fact modern technologies as well as social media sites are designed to be addictive.
The real question Now is: How many people do you know that can actually stay a week without their smartphones or long on to their social media sites? There, you’ve got your answer.
ws what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”

“James Steyer, the CEO of Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that studies kids’ technology use, called the letter a “big deal” in the ongoing effort to make it clear that cellphones are a “public health concern.”

It’s good that investors are starting to speak up about phone addiction and the danger it poses to kids. If an adult could be so addicted to his smartphone that he can’t go a day without it, you can’t even imagine what phone addiction does to children.

iPhone  is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. These range of phones runs on Apple’s iOS. Apple has released ten generations of iPhone models with each having a suffix that particular generation. These generations have also been accompanied by one of the ten major releases of its iOS operating system. The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007; the most recent iPhone model is the iPhone X.

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