iPhone users can now send WhatsApp messages offline


Popular Facebook-owned messenger WhatsApp, on Monday welcomed iOS users to the world of offline messaging. The app’s latest iOS update enables iPhone users to engage in offline message queuing, this preps messages to send as they’re waiting for a connection and quickly keep their conversations going when they regain one.

Without a wireless connection, users can now tap “send” on multiple written messages, and once a connection is reestablished, those queued messages will automatically be sent. This is very helpful especially during times when there is poor internet connection or none at all.

Additionally, the update includes a redesigned storage usage screen and the ability to send up to 30 photos or video at once. Users can also manage their phone’s storage space by clearing certain messages types by simply visiting the Settings tab, selecting “Data and Storage Usage” and then, “Storage Usage.”

WhatsApp Messenger was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!. It is a proprietary cross-platform instant messaging client for smartphones. It uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers. The name “WhatsApp” was used because it sounded like “what’s up. As of February 2016, WhatsApp had a user base of up to one billion, making it the most globally popular messaging application.

WhatsApp Inc. is based in Mountain View, California and has been acquired by Facebook Inc. on February 19, 2014, for approximately US$19.3 billion.

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