ISIS Creates its Own Smartphone App “Alwari”

We have all been wondering, “how do terrorists communicate, send data and do other stuff online”. Well, it baffles me too…not until now. The hacking collective Ghost Security Group just found out that ISIS (Islamic State militant group), has been distributing an Android – based app called “Alwari”, a news portal, currently run by the Amaq Group Agency, a group believed to be tied to ISIS.

The Alrawi app is being used to send encrypted messages, this encrypted chat app makes it difficult for government and other agencies to spy on their data, plans and other info. The Alrawi app and the Amaq Agency app are both Android apps, but are not available for download through the Google Play store, ISIS supporters are required to download the app’s code in order to run it on their smartphones or other handheld devices. According to Ghost security group, the Amaq Agency app is designed to distribute news and propaganda.

While the internet brings countries and people closer, it also provide a platform for terrorist to poison the mind of people

Barack Obama
President of the United States of America

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton  also said in a speech at the Brookings institute “Technology is often called the great disputer, and it has been in work, communications and so much else. But we need to put the great disputers to work in disrupting ISIS and stopping them from having this open platform for communicating with their dedicated fighters and their wannabes”

The Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump took things further by calling on Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. “Close that Internet up in some way.” He said.

In previous years, Ghost Security Group, formerly GhostSec, has managed to  kick terrorism out of WhatsApp, telegram and other ISIS social media accounts and websites, claiming to have removed around 57,000 ISIS social media accounts used for recruitment and propaganda purposes.

The Islamic State is recruiting heavily, which opens the possibilities for them to find skilled technical individuals to carry out cyber attacks but currently we have not encountered any which we would deem as a severe threat.

Ghost Security Group

Hey guys, don’t be scared. It’s not like they are going to blow us up online…..Let’s fight technology with technology..