Hint on keeping people away from your computer


Passwords are great in securing computers, but sometimes more needs to be done to restrict access to your PC. Here is a trick to keep people away from your computer especially when they already know your password (and changing passwords frequently isn’t just your thing).

Step 1: Open Note pad: Hold down the Windows button logo on your keyboard as you press R ( + R), type notepad then Ok.


Step 2: Key in this code on the notepad you opened: shutdown -s -t 50 -c “This computer is about to shutdown” then click File on the top left corner and save as (the “50” you keyed in determines the time for shutdown in seconds, you can use 100 if you want but make sure you have enough time to disable it because its an automated shutdown, better still use 90, also the statement in between the quotes “This computer is about t……” can be changed to any statement you choose, eg, “Don’t use my computer” don’t forget to add the statement in between the quotes “”)


Step 3: After you clicked save as, choose a name you wish to save with a file extension .bat, something like this; i love pizza.bat, then save it on your desktop, you can save with any name just ensure to add .bat, when properly saved with the .bat file extension you will notice an icon with two gears on your desktop, other wise you will see just a text file.

automated shutdown

1Now when this file is clicked, it shuts down your PC within the time specified, i used 50 seconds so it shuts down my PC in 50 seconds.


Step 4: Next you will have to hide the icon so it can only be accessed by you and it can start automatically as soon as Windows loads to desktop, on your startup folder. To access startup folder, follow Step 1 to open the run command, but type; shell:startup then ok ( + R)


A Startup explorer would pop up, you might see other files inside, this folder holds program that starts up with your computer system, move the icon you just created into the startup folder you just opened (you can right click on the icon, click cut, the right click on the startup folder and click paste), by that as soon as your computer starts up after loading to desktop, it will shutdown automatically within 50 seconds unless a deactivate icon is clicked.

Creating the Deactivate icon

Step 1: Open Notepad

Step 2: Key in shutdown -a

Step 3: Save as stop.bat (or any name of your choice but with file extension .bat)
Once this is done you can keep the icon somewhere that is quickly accessible, when this icon is clicked, the scheduled shutdown would be deactivated.
cancelled shutdown
Now when the laptop is switched on it pops up an automated shutdown message and shuts down within the time you specified (Ensure you make time for yourself to deactivate it, as mentioned in Step 2, as of other users, they wont be able to find the icon to deactivate this so the PC goes off) to deactivate the shutdown just click on the Deactivate button you created “shutdown -a” or open the run command ( + R) and key in shutdown -a, then click ok.
Lets hope the individual you are trying to prevent from accessing your PC hasn’t read this already…..
Liked this tip? how did it work for you? please share in comments, also stay tuned for more….

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