LeEco introduces Smart Bike with Lasers


Smart is here again, i’m sure when you look around you, you are amazed at the rate everything is turning smart. Smart TVs, watches, phones,just to name a few. Guess what’s turned smart now and who’s responsible.
LeEco is a leading global technology company which has brought into the U.S. market smart TVs, smartphones, self-driving cars and the likes. Now they have introduced high-tech bicycles, yea you heard right, smart bicycles and two of them: The Smart Mountain and The Smart Road bike, both equipped with a variety of gadgets, from touchscreen to GPS and then Lasers. What….?

Each of these bikes has a 4-inch touchscreen which is found between the handlebars, this gives the rider a turn-by-turn direction using HERE maps. It also has a crank speed, a speedometer, a compass, accelerator, barometer and it gives smartphone notifications too. Its interface is a fork of Android 6.0 and it runs on a quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor. This is amazing right? There’s more, it has Bluetooth, ANT+ and a 4G. SIM card slot.

At both ends of the handlebar is a red light which functions as a turn signal, and lasers beam down from each side of the bike, this creates a virtual lane that alerts car owners and drivers of your space. The bikes also comes with a chest strap heart rate monitor to see your heart rate as you ride.
Here’s another interesting part, your bike cannot be stolen because a hydraulic lock on the rear wheel prevents theft. It also has an alarm system which would sound and notify you on your smartphone just in case someone tries to carry it away. The Smart Mountain bike weighs 26.9 pounds while the Smart Road bike weighs 18.5 pounds due to their carbon fiber frames.
Their prices haven’t been disclosed yet but with all they are equipped with, you most definitely would say it won’t be cheap.

LeEco is a group of companies founded by Jia Yueting, the founder of Le.com (aka LeTV). The group maintains ventures in consumer electronics, automobiles, film and other business. The holding company of the group is known as Leshi Holding (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
LeEco has expanded to countries outside of China, such as the United States and India.
It is a leading global company born from the internet, LeEco seamlessly blends devices, content, applications and distribution in a first-of-its kind ecosystem. This innovative approach puts extraordinary experiences in the hands of millions of people all over the world.

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