Logan Paul announces his return to YouTube with a video teaser


Logan Paul, the YouTube star who was criticized over online footage featuring a dead man’s body, announced with a video teaser his return to the website.
The 22-year-old shared a clip which he posted on Twitter with followers saying he was set to begin vlogging again. He wrote “THE RETURN” when posting the 25-second video which ended with “TOMORROW”.

Mr Paul, after he was widely condemned last month for a video shot in Aokigahara – a Japanese woodland also called the “suicide forest” had taken a break from the platform. He also explained the reason he uploaded the controversial dead body video.

The video
which has since been deleted as seen from our previous articles, showed Paul and some of his friends discovering the body of a man whom they thought must have committed suicide in the forest. The vlogger Paul, was seen standing next to the body as he made jokes and laughed.

Paul being among the most popular YouTube stars in the world, having over 16 million subscribers to his channel, was removed from YouTube’s “Preferred Programme” which allows companies to put ads next to sites of popular content providers.

Since the incident, Paul had issued two apologies and has released a seven-minute video which he titled “Suicide Be Here Tomorrow.” In the video, he said that “ignorance on the subject” was “part of the problem” and also that he would be donating $1m to various suicide organisations.
Why does it seem like this just made Logan Paul more popular?

Logan Alexander Paul is a 22year old American vlogger and actor. Born April 1, 1995, Paul first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine. Paul later branched out into acting in television and films. His vlog on Youtube currently has 15,270,482 subscribers and 3.9million followers on twitter. He has also started his own brand called Maverick, named after his parrot.

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