Soon Motorcycles will feature built-in touchscreens


US motorcycle brand, Indian recently unveiled a new 7-inch touchscreen system known as ‘Ride Command’, this system will sync to smartphones, provide turn-by-turn directions and will help find the nearest fuel station when the tank is low.

This new command brings navigation and infotainment all in one screen and will come with Indian’s new Chieftain and Roadmaster bikes. In essence, soon, you’ll be able to read your WhatsApp messages, check out maps without taking your smartphone out of your pocket!

indianBMW had developed a tech similar to this, in 2013 the company partnered with Garmin to launch its Navigator V device for its bikes. Harley-Davidson came up with its Boom Box system in 2014.

Nice advancement, but come to think of it is using social media apps recommended while on bikes? Wouldn’t that be a distraction? In India, the largest number of accident-related deaths was with two-wheelers. According to a Ministry of Road Transport and Highways report, around 39,353 two-wheeler riders/passenger died in 2013, the largest number when compared to other type of vehicles. Providing turn-by-turn directions is actually a good idea, but adding WhatsApp functionality may be a distraction which will in-turn cause more accidents, but ofcourse new rules and regulations will emerge, how many bike users will keep to them?

Indian Motocycle Co. was originally founded as the Hendee Manufacturing Company by George M. Hendee in 1897 to manufacture bicycles. Later on Oscar Hedstrom joined in 1900. Both Hendee and Hedstrom were former bicycle racers and manufacturers, and they teamed up to produce a motorcycle with a 1.75 bhp, single-cylinder engine in Hendee’s home town of Springfield. These American brand of motorcycles originally produced from 1901 to 1953 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. Hendee Manufacturing Company initially produced the motorcycles, but the name was changed to the Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company in 1928.

During the 1910s, Indian became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. In 2011, Polaris Industries purchased Indian Motorcycles and moved operations from North Carolina and merged them into their existing facilities in Minnesota and Iowa.

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