“Move it” is an all-in-one smart portable gym that’s got all you need home

Going to the gym sure could be stressful at times, if not always. One of the setbacks of hitting the gym house is lack of consistency which could be as a result of distance, traffic or some other things which could pop up around the house that needs to be attended to. All these could really discourage one from visiting the gym even during the weekends, registration processes and it’s price tags too is another hitch. Now if you had your own portable all-in-one gym that could fit into your room or office, you won’t have a problem working out at will would you?

Hong Kong-based Eggplant Technologies, has created the World’s First Mobile-Connected Smart Home Gym called “Move it”. This device is smart, portable and aids in keeping you fit as it connects you to a social platform so as to track, explore and share your training progress online. And oh, it weighs just 6.6 pounds, so transporting it is easy. “For people working long hours at the office, or for those who make excuses not to go to their local gym, Move It will help you take on the initial hurdle by providing you the platform to workout in the comfort of your own space.”

Move it features an all in one training experience based on its various bits of training equipment providing you with the tools necessary for cardio and muscle endurance training along with sensors which connects to your smartphone. It has four separate workout tools: Ab wheel, jump rope, resistance band, and pushup stand. These fitness programs seems somewhat basic you might say, but Move it isn’t just about the tools, but also the sensors and software that come with them and how they help you out in carrying out your fitness activities.

The all-in-one fitness equipment includes a pair of smart handles that include a six-axis accelerometer, a gyroscope, capacitive sensors, a pressure grip sensor, and an infrared sensor to detect distance. The smart handles are interchangeable, with a common socket adapter that plugs into all of Move It’s equipment for a flexible workout and are Bluetooth v4.0 ready.

The smart handles are interchangeable

The smart handles are interchangeable

As soon as the handle is gotten hold off, they automatically detect that the user is set for an exercise and automatically starts to send data over to the specified smartphone. The Move It App integrates your personal training with your Apple or Android device, it synchronizes your exercise data (calorie tracking, rep counts, and time tracking) in real-time to provide the user with immediate visual feedback. The app will also provide real-time training guidance and programs, social interaction and cloud storage.

Move it also features; an auto power saving mode which can help you stay even longer, LED Indication
At the end of the handles which informs you about its status, and also plenty of rooms for upgrades;  in the future one should expect the smart handle to support more fitness equipment.

Not everyone has enough room to fix a gym home, now with Move It, any 10-square-foot space could be turned into a smart fitness center. This could be exactly what you need to get back in shape, it’s small, smart and portable, now you will have no excuse to be absent during gym time. The current base price is $159 and the package costs $230, you can visit the firm’s Indiegogo page for special discounts while it lasts.

MOVE IT is a smart fitness product created by a group of passionate Canadians and professional training instructors. With MOVE IT, we want to strengthen and motivate busy individuals, by providing a more personal and immediate workout experience.

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