Nanit’s baby monitor helps keep track of your baby’s sleep.

Nanit has come up with a new way to watch your baby at night as they sleep so you do not always have to truncate your own sleep to go check on them to know whether or not they are sleeping.

This baby monitor was developed by Dr. Assaf Glazer who is a parent himself and his team in a way to avoid the stress of parents in another room from having to listen out for noises of discomfort coming from their baby’s room

The monitor stands over the baby’s cot like a shower head, on it, is a 3lb camera attached to its 10.5lb base. It also has a night light, white noise maker, nature sound generator, and a cable management system which helps to put the baby to sleep faster. Aside the sleep aspect, the baby monitor can also track humidity, temperature, sound, and motion incase the baby wakes up and is moving around in his cot.

Nanit monitor also works with an app through which you can be notified and watch what’s going on in your baby’s crib using your smart phone. With optional insights, this app provides the breakdown of your little one’s sleep pattern. Nanit’s Insights generate a cute color coded sleep score for parents using four key metrics: sleep patterns, parent interventions, sleep onset, and total hours of sleep. Mind you, without subscription parents will only be able to use Nanit for live-streaming video from a crib. And one good thing is no one has to wake up to change batteries in the Nanit monitor or charge it as it only requires being plugged into the wall.

It’s pre-order price is $279 with an optional $50 subscription to Nanit Insights. After the pre-order period, the monitor will retail for $349 and the subscription price will increase to $100.

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