NEC’s biometrics technology uses sound to verify your identity

nec biometric earphone

With security been a paramount step to take regarding smartphones, several techniques had been used to help users apply and bypass security measures inorder to have access to their devices, of such is fingerprint scanners in recent smartphones which are commonly used to verify the user’s identity. NEC has shown that biometric authentication goes way beyond fingerprints and has developed a new way to verify your identity with your ears.

The unique technology by NEC enables earbuds to verify your identity. The sound-capturing earbuds verifies a users identity by the way sound resonates in the ear canal.

We all have unique ear shapes, same goes for the acoustics, NEC created a way for microphone-equipped earbuds to measure the acoustics after sending out sound. When the earphone and microphone produce sounds into the users ear, the resonating sounds will determine the person (which is unique based on the user). This resonating sounds bounce against the cavities of the users ear, it is the cavity bounce response that acts as the means of identification thereby determining who you really are.

Speaking of how accurate this unique technology is, the company says the process takes about a second to take its measurements and it works with 99% accuracy.

Since the new technology does not require particular actions such as scanning a part of the body over an authentication device, it enables a natural way of conducting continuous authentication.

Shigeki Yamagata

This innovation shouldn’t be expected anytime soon, NEC says that it’s going to commercialize this technology in the 2018 fiscal year. According to the company it sees the use of this technology “in a wide range of applications, including the prevention of identity fraud in operations related to safety and security”, NEC also aims for the system to be used in navigation or voice guidance situations where the directions are only intended for one person.

NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational provider of information technology (IT) services and products, with its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The comapny provides IT and network solutions to business enterprises, communications services providers and to government agencies, and has also been the biggest PC vendor in Japan since the 1980s.

The company was known as the Nippon Electric Company, Limited, before re-branding in 1983 as just NEC and was established by Kunihiko Iwadare and Takeshiro Maeda on August 31, 1898.

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