Nigerian Students in Greater Noida accused of cannibalism, Indians react on social media


Indians on social media have come out in support of Nigerian students who faced racial attacks in a Greater Noida shopping mall on Monday. Earlier on, the residents of the NSG Black Cat Enclave in Greater Noida, searched the fridge of five Nigerian students on suspicions of cannibalism. This was after a boy, who was a resident of the enclave, went missing, and died in a hospital later.

The incident took place after Khari went missing on Friday, and someone expressed their suspicion on the Nigerian students having eaten him up. The newspaper reports that residents of the enclave barged into their house to look for Khari’s remains inside their refrigerator. This was humiliating for the students.

The suspicions were unproven and the missing boy Manish Khari seemed to have died from some sort of drug overdose. reports that despite the fact that the boy came back and seems to have died of a drug overdose, the parents insisted that an FIR be registered against the five students because the Khari had allegedly said he was kidnapped by a “dark-skinned” person who made him smell something, after which he fainted.

The president of the Association of African Students in India, Samuel Jack told The Telegraph, “They accused them of being cannibals. That is the kind of ignorance against black people.”

The Times of India reported a student as saying, “We feel that the FIR was registered against Nigerian students due to bias. The police should investigate the matter and then take action. We protest against this motivated action.”

Meanwhile, the Association of African Students in India has, in a Facebook post, advised Nigerian students “to remain indoor and abstain from lectures” until their security is guaranteed.

Nigerian, and African, students live in rented homes in Greater Noida, 39 miles from the national capital of Delhi, and study in the area’s various educational institutions. Meanwhile, most Indians react on social media, and are not happy with the incident against Nigerians.


Reuters Africa reported this afternoon that the local police has made five arrests in the case.

People are now hoping for their safety and have urged the authorities to take action against the assaulters. Also India’s minister of external affairs termed it as an “unfortunate incident” and she said she is looking into it.

Greater Noida City is a north Indian city with a population in excess of 100,000, located in the Gautam Budh Nagar district of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It comes under the purview of the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. Situated 30 km south-east of capital city of New Delhi, it takes around 30 minutes to travel between the cities via the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway.

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