Overheating Laptop


Even though the task I was running weren’t processor intensive my laptop suddenly started to overheat, the processor speed was at max and its fan spinning at full torque, also the laptops battery life drained faster than normal, this was abnormal and wasn’t funny at all because the heat coming from its vent was burning!! My laptop only gets this hot when playing a high end game with it.

I decided then to open the laptop and take all dust out as dusts clogged to the processor and vents could cause over heating issues, after that nothing happened, looking at my processor performance on task manager I noticed it’s utilization at 22% and the processor current speed was 3.29ghz

technicollit task managerthis was alarming, as menial task shouldn’t raise a processor work load that much.


Thinking of the possible changes I made on the laptop before the problem started, one I recall was the fact that I upgraded my graphic driver to a recent one, one which wasn’t from the laptop manufacturers website, it was an integrated graphics driver, the Intel hd4600, waited so long for an update from the laptop manufacturer to no avail, didn’t bother at first until MK X was released and my recent integrated graphic driver couldn’t render the game, I felt downloading a recent graphic update from Intel website wouldn’t be a problem, so I downloaded one, but during installation, received a notification that the driver isn’t validated for my computer and also to obtain the appropriate driver from my computer manufacturer, I ignored the warning, and downloaded the driver in zip format (there are two download options setup.exe file or the zip format, with zip format one could manually install this files whether or not your manufacturer supports it), installed in manually on my system, and felt good about it because it increased my gaming performance… what I didn’t know was it took off my processor cooling ability, as my processor remained in a high performance state even while on power saver and produces so much heat I feared it would damage the components… (If it were cold, I could put on the laptop so it serves as a room heater! Yes it produced that much heat!)


Drivers from the Intel website are unmodified and generic (general drivers for any laptop model with the required chipset) in essence several people using different laptop models with an Intel hd4600 chip could download the same generic driver from Intel website and install, but a dell user can’t use an Intel hd4600 provided by hp because it is customized for hp models. Intel provides updates regularly for their drivers even before your laptop manufacturer dream of doing so these updates improves the performance of your graphics.

Most laptop manufacturers creates customized versions these drivers, they alter the driver config and recommend you use the modified drivers. When Intel releases new driver for its chip in your laptop, your laptop manufacturer start testing, and customizing it making it to be compatible with its device (your laptop) and other hardware components in the device, sadly this really takes time, and most times I feel they don’t bother about creating a graphic update at all.


Since updating to the recent generic driver caused the issue I had to take it back to the previously installed one via device manager (Right click this PC, select properties, left top select device manager, click display adapter drop down, right click the graphic driver and select properties, click on driver tab)

technicollit unistalls driverThis reinstalled the old driver from may laptop manufacturer, after restart, the problem was solved, the laptop became cool and normal as usual, though still stuck on the old driver, but its better than having a laptop that is equivalent to a microwave oven.

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