Priest suspended for using hoverboard during Mass

Wow this priest is good, it takes days of practice to glide this way with a hoverboard … Too bad this skillful act earned him a suspension.  The Filipino priest having used a hoverboard during Christmas Eve Mass was suspended after the local diocese got to know about the incident, as stated “he will be out of parish to spend some time reflecting on this past event”.

“That was wrong” said the Diocese of San Pablo in a statement made on Tuesday, “The Eucharistic demands utmost respect and reverence. It is the memorial of the Lord’s Sacrifice, it is the source and summit of Christian life, it is the Church’s highest form of worship. He also added, ” Consequently, it is not a personal celebrition where one can capriciosuly introduce something to get the attention of the people.

The priest in question acknowledged his action wasn’t right and has promised it won’t happen again. Though his suspension still stands.

With many videos on YouTube showcasing failed attempts of using the hoverboard, I must admit, that stunt pulled by the Priest on a hoverboard deserves some applause.

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