Smart Mattress alerts you if your spouse is cheating.

The rate at which everything is turning smart is simply amazing, when we see and hear about smart watches, smart tv, smart light bulbs, smart gyms and shoes, we can relate but when your mattress becomes your private fidelity detective, what can you say about that? A mattress, aside being what you jump on to get a quick nap, a good night sleep or a good time with your partner has become smart, hence, does more than just quietly carrying you for hours. It cares about the faithfulness of your partner as well.

This new and enhanced mattress called a Smarttress is produced by the Spanish mattress maker Durmet. It is an app-enabled bed which gives you a heads-up if your bed is being used in a questionable way, this is because it has a “lover detection system” which is made up of 24 intelligent sensors in the springs and a “contact zones detector” capable of capturing the “suspicious” bed movement. So a notification is sent to your mobile phone when your bed is being used (y’all know what i mean) if you’ve stepped out of the house. It also shows you a speedometer, as well as the intensity in impact per minute, so you would know if kids are jumping on your bed or sad news, your spouse is cheating on you. You would understand this better after watching the video.

The production of this smarttresses was bucked up after a survey from the French Institute of Public Opinion and dating site Gleeden which showed the outrageously high rate of infidelity in spain, surprised? Nah.

To purchase the Smarttress you would have to send an inquiry email to Durmet on the smarttress website, and the company will get back to you “as soon as possible”. As of the time of writing this article, clicking the Google Play and App Store simply redirects you to their website, it’s possible the iOS app is been developed since it shows “coming soon”. Now you have it, ” If your partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is”.

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  1. davis

    i cant just believe this NEXT i guess we would see smart foods that cook themselves or smart chickens that barbecue themselves…….

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