This smart object will help grieving individuals get through their pain.

No doubt technology is taking over almost every aspect of our lives. From self driving cars, to mind reading robots and now, a smart commemorative object that helps grieving individuals get through their pain.

This tech was founded by David Beaulieuis, his startup “offers an online platform allowing the family and friends of the deceased to collaborate to create a vibrant tribute,” according to the site.

The platform enables relatives and friends of the deceased to upload videos, pictures and memories that are shared with others in the group. It uses the uploaded media and turn the memories into a tribute video, more like a “collective memory.” Although this might bring back painful memories, it also allows everyone who knew the deceased to share their memories on a centralized place.

The startup is also working on a smart object that helps people get through the different stages of grief. According to David Beaulieuis, the object redirects users to their app, where they are offered “an array of curated content relating to grief, mourning, and death.”

The object is half concrete, half wood and has a light that glows in between which lights up when users are in the house or nearby. The app is there to help throughout the mourning process depending on the users needs, it posts different tips on how users can deal with the loss. The device also acts intelligently and learns from interaction.

Our intelligent algorithm uses a mixture of user and AI input to automatically sort through thousands of different sources and suggest relevant content.

According to the creators, this device will be a better funeral ritual “We want to add in a digital component and integrate that into how we mourn.” says Beaulieu.

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