As Tesla’s Model 3 pre-orders reach 276,000, Elon Musk is surprised

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Even though it was widely assumed that pre-orders for Tesla’s Model 3 would be impressive, no one, not even Elon Musk could have foreseen what has transpired over the past days days. During Tesla’s special event last Thursday, Elon Musk said the company had already secured over 115,000 Model 3 reservations from customers who had not yet even seen the car. Now Tesla’s Model 3,  numbers have gone so high even Elon Musk is surprised.

According to tweets by Musk, pre-orders for the Model 3 hit 276,000 by the end of Saturday with 180,000 coming within the first 24 hours.

When asked what he expected before the Model 3 was actually released? Musk tweeted that he expected the number to be “maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of what happened. No one at Tesla thought it would be this high”.

Clearly Tesla underestimated the number of people that will order their latest electric car, Musk is currently planning to give customers who waited in line something extra, no one knows what that is yet.

The demands for Tesla’s Model 3 has surpassed even Tesla’s wildest expectations such that Musk indicated that he may have to completely rethink the company’s production plans. “Definitely going to need to rethink production planning.” The California-based firm revealed earlier that the production of the five-seater car – its lowest-cost vehicle to date will begin late 2017.

Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells luxury electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components, and battery products. Tesla Motors is a public company that trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol TSLA. During the first quarter of 2013, Tesla posted profits for the first time in its history. Tesla manufactures equipment for home and office battery charging, and has installed a network of high-powered Superchargers across North America, Europe and Asia. The company also operates a Destination Charging program, under which shops, restaurants and other venues are offered fast chargers for their customers.

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