Thanks to Disney app, the visually impaired can enjoy the movie “Finding Dory”.

finding dory

People who are visually impaired and also who are Nemo fans can now enjoy the sequel in cinemas, this is as a result of an upgrade that The House of Mouse made to its iOS app to listen to Finding Dory.

Disney’s Movies Anywhere app now doesn’t just cater for viewers at home anymore with the audio description launched a couple of months ago for home use but also in the theaters. The upgrade allows narration of whatever is showing on the screen to the visually impaired through a pair of earbuds plugged in their ears, as the app is set, details of events happening on every scene is provided in between dialogues.

As expected, only those using iOS and in the US can enjoy this feature. Wait, they know there are blind people in other parts of the world who would also wanna try it out right? Just saying…

Users of iDevices running iOS 7 in the US  can also enjoy this feature across the nation.

Disney Mobile (DMobile) is a division of Disney Interactive, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, that designs mobile apps, content and services.

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