This Drone alerts you of anything unusual in your Home.


Home security has ascended to a whole new level as has taken up a project to develop a drone which could fly round the home to check for anything out of the ordinary.
This drone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight platform, which is just one of what’s Insight Engine can do. The Engine analyzes all the data coming in from the different sensors in your home, with this it determines the patterns of behavior inside the house. All these enables the drone to be smart enough to send an alert or launch the drone whenever something unusual, like a window opening in the middle of the night occurs.
The drone is equipped with a camera at the bottom with which it sends high-resolution video via Wi-Fi to the recipient which in this case is the home owner. The camera supports up to 4k resolution videos.
The drone is about the size of a small dinner plate, it has roving eyes so no need to install cameras at every entrance of your home. It is also able to maneuver its way around the house and it doesn’t bumps into object on its way to their target.
The price and availability of the flying watchdogs are unknown for now, and when a representative from was asked he refused to say. We sure would get back to you when something comes up.
From the looks of things, these drones could do more than just home security. What do you think?, Inc is a US based technology company that provides cloud based services for remote control, home automation and monitoring services. Services include interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation, and are enabled through an ecosystem of integrated devices and hardware partnerships. Services are distributed exclusively through a network of authorized and licensed service providers.

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