This wearable can turn any surface into a keyboard


The team at Tap Systems Inc. has invented a new wearable called Tap Strap, which enables you turn any surface at all into a huge keyboard.

The device was made available to beta testers Last year in May, and since then the team has been receiving feedbacks and making necessary iterations to the product.

David Schick, one of Tap’s creators, said the feedback has led to two new significant changes — the addition of mouse functionality and a “fabric-like” design. They’ve also added a haptic feedback element to make it easier for users who can’t see their hands when they’re tapping. He also said “The people who need this the most are people in a virtual reality environment”.

Learning how to use this wearable could be a chore since it takes a while to memorize the finger tapping combination and how those correspond to different letters of the alphabet, that’s why Tap recommends that you learn by playing its game, TapGenius.

According to David Schick, “There are a lot of reasons to learn how to tap and get into this technology, but it’s different for different people,” he said. Schick also hinted that the company may look at extending Tap’s functionality beyond text-entry in the future, and it’s currently working to release the product in languages other than English.

The Tap Strap would be available for users later this year around August, but in the meantime, interested users can join the waitlist by signing up on Tap’s website.

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