Urine test for Breast and Colon Cancer is being developed by Hitachi.

urine sample jar

Hitachi Ltd. is currently developing urine test for cancers of breast and colon, the company also stated that trials had already been carried out on few patients which helped to identify those suffering from the disease.

In collaboration with Summit Pharmaceuticals International corp. and Sumitomo corp., about 10 bio-markers which enables researchers distinguish those with the Cancer from those without it have been identified. This was after the urine of 15 patients with breast cancer, 15 with colon cancer and 15 healthy individuals had been tested, according to the chief scientist Minoru Sakairi in a report made in Tokyo.

Sakairi also said that the next stage was for researchers to conduct tests on a group of 200 breast cancer patients and 200 healthy individuals to enable them create a simple method to detect the disease, and that plans to apply for a patent are also been made.

Cancer has been known to be a cause of economic losses which includes reduced working hours and medical expenses of about 10 trillion yen that is $94billion a year in Japan, said Hitachi.

We’re giving priority to breast cancer, it affects a lot of women and unlike prostrate cancer, it starts at an early age.


Hitachi, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It is the parent of the Hitachi Group (Hitachi Gurūpu) and forms part of the DKB Group of companies. Hitachi is a highly diversified company that operates eleven business segments: Information & Telecommunication Systems, Social Infrastructure, High Functional Materials & Components, Financial Services, Power Systems, Electronic Systems & Equipment, Automotive Systems, Railway & Urban Systems, Digital Media & Consumer Products, Construction Machinery and Other Components & Systems.

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