This device helps you keep track of your dog

  • Whistle is a new device that helps you track your dog
  • The device combines cellular and GPS tech to locate your dog
  • When the dog is located details about the dogs whereabouts is sent to your smartphone.

Ever gone on an outing with your dog? perhaps to a field where you wouldn’t need to put a leash on it, then you’ll agree that sometimes it wanders of leaving you searching for it. What if i told you, that there’s a new device that’ll help you never to loose track of your dog again… sounds cool right?

Whistle is a GPS tracker for your pets. It combines cellular and GPS technology to reportedly locate your dog anywhere in the country. This device can locate your dog up to 3,000miles away after which it automatically sends a notification to your smartphone of your dogs location.

Additionally, the app also tracks your dogs daily activity as well as rest patterns. Whistle calls for a per 30 days subscription bundle.

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Whistle Labs Inc. is a subsidiary of Mars Petcare headquartered in San Francisco, California. It produces and markets the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, a device worn on a pet’s collar that monitors its activity and location. In addition to pet owners, the devices have been used by veterinary researchers.

The idea for Whistle grew out of current CEO Ben Jacobs’ experiences on petcare accounts at Bain & Company, and was developed with COO Steve Eidelman while researching the petcare industry for venture capital firm DCM. They hired Kevin Lloyd as CTO and the three founded Whistle in 2012. The company started with 20 employees and raised $6 million in a venture funding round led by DCM.

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