Wikipedia Celebrates Its 15th Birthday


The objective of Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia as Wikipedia celebrates its birthday is that it becomes the “sum of all human knowledge”. He said that the aim of this encyclopedia which is an open-source where anyone can edit articles and contribute also, was to “establish a high quality record” of the history of mankind which “opens up a world of knowledge” to every user.

Mr Wales said that the main principle of this website known to be one of the most visited in the world, is to share knowledge, “when you think of the university-aged kids now, they haven’t known a world without Wikipedia, to them we are part of the infrastructure of the world”. He also said “it’s important that we sustain Wikipedia for the world as it is a community project.

Here are some plans he has for the future. For the sake of billions of people coming online probably for the first time, their needs are to be met. Many of them will be coming online using a mobile device, for this reason he said, we are investing in Mobile devices because we need to be there for them. Wikipedia has been a non-profit organization and intends to stay that way, it is run by public donations and has about 80,000 volunteers editing articles we see on the site.

Although some controversies had popped up, concerning some changes made to articles and a British civil servant was let go in 2014 for offensive changes made to pages relating to the Hillsborough disaster, Mr Wales maintains that the majority of edits are useful as he himself participate also. He said and I quote, as he describes his leadership, “my role is more of a symbolic one, I have very little power “. In the aspect of its self organization, he stated that Wikipedia was a democracy and like a modern day city.

It’s growth has spurred criticism that its parent foundation doesn’t need to raise much money because it has become bloated. They could go for another 10 years without raising a dime. Wikipedia is the 7th most visited or traffic generating site in the world according to the ranking of tracking service, Alexa. The others causing traffic are profit driven companies like Google, Facebook and which employs thousands of workers.

This open-source encyclopedia kicked off in January 2001 and operated in English only but then grew up to 18 languages at the end of that year. Today, it operates in 290 languages with 5million articles in English, but has in other languages about 85% of those contents. 7000 new articles are released daily says the wikimedia foundation of which Wikipedia is a part of. The wikimedia commons free image and media responsitory and the wikiversity of free learning materials are some of the projects that are also part of the wikimedia foundation that the site has expanded to. The founder revealed also that his favourite page is on an article called “Inherently Funny word” as he is not funny himself but likes humour.

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