Woman streamed video on Facebook Live as Police killed her Boyfriend.

We can not underestimate the power of modern smartphones and social media especially after Lavish Reynolds recorded a disturbing video of how a police officer shot and killed her boyfriend Philando Castile.

Just in a routine traffic light stop for a broken tail light, no one could have known that this would lead to a serious tragedy. The unnamed police officer from St. Paul, Minnesota shot and killed Castile as he tried to bring out his wallet from his back pocket so he could show his I.D, meanwhile he had already told the police officer that he was carrying a licensed weapon. Immediately, Reynolds, the girlfriend brought out her smartphone and began to stream the whole thing on Facebook Live as Castile was dying right beside her.

Reynolds was then asked to get out of the vehicle, handcuffed and put behind the Police car with her 4year old daughter.

At the beginning of the video, the police is seen still pointing the gun at Castile as he struggled to stay alive.

The social network took this video offline early today but restored it shortly after, before then, other media outlets had reposted it in other places.

We are very sorry that the video was temporarily inaccessible, it was down due to a technical glitch and restored as soon as we were able to investigate

Facebook's spokesperson

This video should be watched based on your own discretion as it is back online and its content could be disturbing.

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