7 Android smartphones with better camera quality than iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s camera

For years Apple smartphone camera has been topnotch, with other smartphone brands watching from the side line as it flaunts its style, the table seems to have turned this time. A review from DxOMark states that the iPhone 6S camera is as good as its predecessor the iPhone 6. DxOMark the leading camera reviewer, gave the iPhone 6S a score of 83 for photos and 80 for videos, with an overall score of 82, that was the same score the iPhone 6 had. Here is the chart provided by DxOMARK ranking Sony Xperia Z5 as the highest….


From the graph Sony Xperia Z5 has the best smartphone camera with a score of 87, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge comes followed at 86, Google Nexus 6P (84), LG G4 (83), Galaxy Note 4 (83), Moto X Style (83), Xperia Z3 (82), and at 8th position we have Apple iPhone 6 Plus with a score of 82, the iPhone 6 (82) which is same as the iPhone 6S at 82.

For picture lovers like myself who would rather check for the picture quality of a phone first before every other thing, hail! the ladies in the house, this might influence your decision on buying a smartphone. Probably Apples next flagship might make a difference.

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