Apple Watch Sold 80% Smartwatch Sales In Q4 2016


It seem all has not been heard about Apple’s Q4 2016 report yet. According to a report from Canalys, the record sales of the iPhone as captured in the report wasn’t the only goodnews about that report, apparently its smartwatch, the Apple Watch stole the show! This it did, by making up “nearly 80% of total smartwatch revenue” in the Q4 of 2016.

The Canalys report says that the quarter was apparently Apple Watch’s best, as it represents a 12% growth in sales. This it says exceeds a shipment of 9million units of the product. According to report, “the Apple Watch generated more than US$2.6 billion in revenue for Apple in Q4 2016”. This sales accounts for about 80% of the global smartwatch sales in that quarter.

A closer look at the instances that led to this successful sales, the report claims that aside Apple’s hardware and software improvements in their new models, which is a plus, the growth was mainly due to a streamlined marketing and re-aligned pricing, which helped to address a larger audience and invariably the success rate of its sales. The Canalys estimate also said that Apple watch had a cumulative shipment of 11.9million watches in 2016, accounting for 50% of the global market share of smartwatches.

The chart below give a summary of the report.

A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that goes beyond timekeeping. Early models performs basic tasks, such as calculations, translations and game-playing, but recent models are effectively wearable computer as most of them can run mobile apps, using a mobile operating systems like Android Wear, Android OS, Watch OS, Tizen etc.

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