Aryballe digital nose can identify odors


Arybelle technologist suggest we need an artificial nose for our safety, so the company created one? A digital nose to help humans smell.

Grenoble, france-based company Arybelle, unveiled its nose sniffing device at CES 2017. This sniffing device is aimed at industrialized users users who need to quickly detect from smell if a scent is a sign of a dangerous gas leak. In order to achieve this, the device uses sensors which are like nose receptors and can identify hundreds of different smells. It uses optical sensor technology to identify molecules by measuring them and how they interact with the sensor. Also it uses surface plasmon resonance (SPR) prism techniques, which are used in a variety of biosensor applications and lab-on-a-chip sensors. To train the device to recognize a particular smell, the creators had to expose it over and over, and with time it learned.

The team is currently developing the software and a database of smells so that it can better identify them. As the database gets bigger, the device gets better at recognizing smells it encounters. At the moment, it detects one particular smell in an environment. In the video below, Tom Kelshaw speaks with Founder of Aryballe Technologies, Tristan ROUSSELLE, about the NeOse scent/taste sensor.

At the moment, this device goes for $10,000 to $15,000, quite expensive right? For now the company is targeting enterprises at first. As time goes on, Aryballe hopes to create a consumer device. Such a device will be able to distinguish one perfume from another or discern a good peach from a rotten peach. Here is a short clip of how the device looks from the Aryballe website.

Anybelle was founded in 2014 and has 15 employees. Based on the combination of Nano, Biotech, IT and Cognitive Sciences (NBIC) Aryballe develops Innovative technologies, databases, software and devices applied to the identification, measurement and representation of smells and tastes. The company’s main technology, NeOse will be available in 2016 and should be the first Universal Portable Odor detector (e-nose) on the market. As of this write-up the company has raised over $3.2 million

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