BSX FitnessTracker monitors what no other tracker does.


You’ve probably used fitness trackers that tells you the number of steps you’ve taken in a given amount of time and one which also monitors your heart rate thereby pointing out the kind of physical activities you are or were engaged in. But i’m sure you can’t tell me that yours or any you’ve seen tells you about your water intake. Yes, got you there, this does.

This tracker with the help of its LVL hydration monitor, uses a red light which travels deeper into the body compared to the green light you’d find on the regular fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate says BSX Athletics.

We know that the need to drink enough water cannot be over emphasied. Water is needed in the system to aid digestion, stay hydrated, have a better body, a beautiful skin glow and has many other good functions, so you see that you never want to get less of it than you need.

The tracker’s LVL companion app tells you just how much much water you’d need to drink based on the kind of activities you are involved in and the estimated rate that you’re sweating in-order to stay hydrated and sleep better. Aside monitoring hydration, it does everything other regular trackers do such as, tracking heart rate, activities, mood and sleep, so dont worry you won’t need to wear two fitness trackers.

BSX, the company that makes this device is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, although the initial deal to own a band for $99 has sold out, backers who pledge $119 would still be able to get one. The company also hopes that the LVL tracker is integrated by app developers into their own apps as well, so they are selling a developer package for $499, it comes with prototype of the tracker and also a version of the device which will be available to everyone when released in July next year.

BSX Athletics provide Fitness Equipment, located in Austin, Texas. It is a sports technology company that combines real life coaching and wearable technologies to help athletes train smarter.They are the creators of BSX Insight, an athletic monitor that records heart rate, cadence, pace, calories burned and your lactate threshold.

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