Can Fitbit’s Blaze Compete With Apple Watch?


Has Apple finally gotten their match in the wearable market? Has the competition finally arrived for Apple?

As promised, CES2016 is meeting up to expectation, as new products are being unveiled at the show. Among those to unveil their product is Fitbit, the San-Francisco based health and fitness company, which specializes in activity trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technologies devices.

The company unveiled the Fitbit Blaze, “a smart fitness watch that empowers consumers to get fit in style”. The Blaze may just be the product to rival the Apple watch and it goes at a lower cost compared to the Apple watch, making it a deliberate attempt by Fitbit to rival Apple in the wearable market.

To really justify its intention to rival the Apple watch, the Fitbit Blaze is equipped with features similar to the Apple watch, but at a lower price of just $199 compared to Apple’s $549 The watch features a sleek design, having interchangeable accessories similar to Apple watch. It also comes with enhanced fitness experience with advanced coaching that keeps one connected at all times, according to a press release.

From the press release also, Fitbit describes the Blaze as its smartest, most stylish, most motivating fitness tracker yet. The watch goes on presale today, with global retail availability starting in March 2016.

Let me give you a little brief on some of the Fitbit’s Blaze features;

Enhanced fitness features like FitStar by Fitbit on-screen workouts, connected GPS, PurePulse heart rate tracking introduced last year and SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition, which will help to motivate users and push their fitness further.

The watch this time focus on styles as it features interchangeable bands and frames, along with color touchscreen with a variety of clock faces to suite the style of user. So whether it office or play, Fitbit Blaze got you covered.

It also features smart notifications, to notify users of text, calls, and calendar alerts through on-screen messages and a vibrating alert.

The watch equally claims a long battery life of up to 5days with a single charge.

The FitBit Blaze is compatible with over 200 Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices, making its data and statistics readily accessible and available over a wide range of platforms. A feature that may want to form an edge over Apple watch.
In the words of James Park, CEO and Co-founder of Fitbit, the Blaze is a “combination of innovative features that were carefully selected with intention and purpose, designed to motivate and offer a fitness experience that is more effortless and more useful with advanced guidance and coaching”.

If all goes well, which I hope, then the Fitbit Blaze may just be the long awaited rival to the Apple watch. But I got skeptical after the shares of Fitbit plummets hours after the launch. With a whopping 18% drop in shares following the announcement, Fitbit may not be quick to celebrate their entrance in the market yet. Could this be an indication of the Fitbit Blaze unacceptance to the wearable market? I hope not. Come March 2016, we shall find out!

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