Dutch police are currently training eagles to take out drones

According to experts, drones can pose a huge security threat. As of last year a quadcopter drone crashed onto the White House grounds; this incident happened less than two weeks after a drone flew over the French presidential palace in Paris.

Over the past few months drones (unmanned aerial vehicle) have increased in availability and capabilities, there has been increased interest on how to deal with drones that fly into restricted areas, though some firms have tried to take them down with radio jammers and net-wielding interceptor drones. The Police in Holland have come up with a better solution –to use a specially trained eagle. This eagle is trained by a raptor training company named Guard From Above.

From the video above, it is seen that the eagle swiftly grabs the drone, and takes control over it, however issues concerning the safety of the bird is of great concern. Eagle’s have been known as the symbol of strength, still that doesn’t mean they are indestructible, the multiple rotors of the drone spinning at full speed could easily injure the eagle or even cut its legs.

The Dutch National Science Institute says the scales on the eagle’s legs and feet keeps them safe from harm. Since this cant completely guarantee their safety, they also made it clear they will create extra protection for the birds so they wont be harmed in the line of duty.

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