This wearable enables you to control robots & drones with your hand


This is EXOS: A haptic device in the shape of an exoskeleton.  This device, when worn by a person can make them feel the sensation of touching a virtual object with their hands.

By giving the reaction force to the user’s fingers by the built-in motor, EXOS can reproduce the feeling that actually touched the object. This further expands the possibilities of what VR can do.

Additionally the device can be used to provide you with a more immersive VR gaming experience.

From the video above,  it is seen that EXOS can be used to control robots drones with simple hand movements. The device uses an internal motor to send reactive force to your fingers.

For now Exiii, the Japanese company behind EXOS are awaiting proposals of projects which might make use of this new technology. For more more on this click here to head to EXOS company page.

Exiii is a Japanese based company. The company manufactures intelligent products which aid individuals and make work easier.  Their latest device is the EXOS,  a wearable that enables the wearer to feel the sensation of touching a virtual object with their hand.

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