Fallout 4 official mod is coming to PC, PS4 & Xbox One


Ever since Fallout 4 was released few months ago, players of the PC game have been modding it. Creative developers have come up with amazing things like Randy Savage monsters, lightsaber mods, changing seasons…..(the list continues), but even gifted creators/developers have limited ability without access to modding tools. Bethesda finally, is officially releasing a whole lot of new mods via its Creation Kit and modding tools to the public.

The PC will be the first to get official mod support in April in-between the first two upcoming DLCs planned for the game: Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor. For consoles, one should expect to get the mod support on Xbox One in May followed by the PlayStation 4 in June.

Bethesda calls it’s modding tools the GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit). GECK’s have been in-game devices that featured in the original Fallout titles. These modding tools give gamers/developers incredible creative flexibility.

The features of the new GECK is not clear yet, but If the Fallout 4 GECK is similar to that offered with Fallout 3, one should be able to change dialog, create new landscapes, fix bugs with existing quest lines or other errata and add new quests, items, NPCs, creatures, weapons and lots more.

Though some of the mods could potentially impact the performance of the game, Bethesda has always acknowledged mod communities that work on its various titles, most of Fallout 4’s settlement min-game was inspired by a Fallout New Vegas mod.

For now there’s no word yet on how console owners can search for mods, but we are glad they can get in on the fun.

Fallout is a series of post-apocalyptic role-playing video games. It was created by Interplay Entertainment. Although the series is set during the 22nd and 23rd centuries, its atompunk retrofuturistic setting and artwork are influenced by the post-war culture of 1950s America, and its combination of hope for the promises of technology, and lurking fear of nuclear annihilation. The latest of the series Fallout 4 is developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game was released on November 10, 2015. The game takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, in the year 2287, ten years after the events of Fallout 3 and 210 years after the Sino-American war, which was fought over natural resources.

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