FBI paid more than $1.3 million to hack into San Bernardino terrorist iPhone


The FBI’s hack into Syed’s iPhone didn’t come cheap at all, it turns out they paid more than $1.3 million to unlock the San Bernadico terrorist iPhone.

FBI Director James Comey said the U.S. paid more than he will make in salary over the rest of his term to secure a hacking tool used to unlock an iPhone used by a dead terrorists in the San Bernardino, California, attack which happened last year. Information regarding this tool ended the dispute with Apple Inc.

In comments made to Reuters by James Comey, Comey said the The law enforcement agency paid “a lot” of money to hack into the iPhone “More than I will make in the remainder of this job, which is 7 years and 4 months,” Comey said at the Aspen Security Forum in London. “It was, in my view, worth it.” Em….. worth it? but i thought no information has been gotten from the iPhone yet?

Reuters got details on Comey’s salary, from which according to them his annual salary is $183,300. “Without raise or bonus, Comey will make $1.34 million over the remainder of his job,” Reuters said, this suggests the FBI paid the largest ever publicized amount for a hacking technique. FBI directors are appointed to ten year terms.

Considering the fact that there hasn’t been any relevant information found on the iPhone yet, this seems like a waste….. or what do you think?

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