Fitbit’s sleekest fitness tracker the “Alta” is up for pre-order

Fitbit has announced that its newest fitness tracker is now available for pre-order: Alta ™, a $130 fitness band set to launch in March. Alta is an outstanding sleek fashion wearable designed to discreetly track your activity, it can be personalized to fit the style and comfort of its users. It records daily activity levels including steps and sleep, alerts you during calls or texts and even reminds you to move (nudging you to stay active throughout the day for better health, e.g when you’ve been sitting for long, it vibrates, thus helping you to stay active). It also includes Fitbit’s “smart track”, a feature which automatically recognizes when you’ve started an exercise such as cycling, running or sport-specific workouts, and then records it. In essence, this device incorporates some advanced health and fitness features that allows tracking workouts effortless in addition to delivering the much needed positive motivation to keep its users moving.

The Alta alert wearers to notifications from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones through vibrations and from it’s slender display. First thing coming up in mind is how long this is going to last per charge, that wouldn’t be a problem, this device could last up to 5 days without the need to charge it.

The device was advertised as “Fitbit’s most fashionable tracker yet,” in a press event inside the Trump Soho hotel, they also offered to help visitors create their own “athleisure look.”

Just like Fitbit’s other wearables, the Alta will feature a line of stylish interchangeable bands in multiple popular colors and premium materials so you can find the right style for every occasion. Swappable strap options includes: four “classic” rubberized bands going at $30 a pop, three $60 leather bands and a $100 stainless steel bangle.

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