Gokada just might be the solution to traffic in Lagos


When it comes to fast and convenient transportation in Lagos we remember the transport companies like Uber, Taxify and likes. But what happens when there’s traffic? A safe Motocycle ride could could end the delay, Oh yes, that’s where Gokada comes in.

Gokada is a Nigerian tech and transportation company which aims to revolutionalise the face of transportation in Nigeria’s most populous city, Lagos. It is out to solve the menace of moving around the Lagos metropolis, by providing on-demand motorcycle (popularly called Okada, in Nigeria) service that is safe, affordable and smart to Lagosians.

Just like its taxi counterpart Gokada services, which is currently been tested in some selected Lagos locations, is provided through a Mobile App.

Their app is currently downloadable on Google Playstore and will soon be launched on the Apple Store. On Google Play Store it currently has over five thousand downloads.
Gokada services will most likely be accepted by Lagos residents, most so because, in recent weeks, there’s been an unbearable gridelock all over major roads around the metropolis owing to either bad roads or road construction/rehabilitation as well as use to the ever terrorising truck/tanker drivers. As it is, moving around Lagos with a taxi service might not get you where you need on time. Gokada will fix that.

You can enjoy free ride now (https://www.gokada.ng/join) by registering on their site.

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